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Jordan Fink’s Wedding Photography stands out from all the rest. Because of his exposure to people in a myriad of professional situations, his Wedding Photography is unparalleled in its intimate and cordial approach.

Most “Wedding Photographers” can become extremely confusing with their photographs because of different “packages’, “credits” and “limits of reproduction rights”. These practices can create exceedingly large profits for them and leave the client left unfullfilled in the end.

Jordan’s Wedding Photography approach is simple.  Unlimited prints and print sizes are available at very reasonable prices with no hidden hassles off my website. Face it…the last thing the Bride and Groom want is to hassle with print orders of their wedding for their family and friends.

No hidden costs, just excellent, unlimited photographs at great prices from an “Award Winning” photographer of 40 years, to YOU!

Request a quote to reserve a date for Jordan Fink to shoot your wedding! Memorable images that every Bride and Groom deserve, without the hassles.

Every Picture Reflects a memorable moment in time!  Let Jordan Fink Photography capture your special moments.

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