Jordan Fink Photography has been shooting architectural photography for over 40 years.  This photography has a plethora of far-reaching applications, from corporate entities to Real Estate. Our long-standing client list includes corporations, museums such as The High Museum, community attractions like the Atlanta Aquarium and luxury homes.

Pricing architectural photography projects can differ from other types of photography projects. Factors which must be considered are the purpose for the project,  the priority of spectrum (size on page), the computation of the number of images that will be in circulation, the timing  (desired lighting effect) and location of the images, are just a few of the determining factors in pricing architectural photography and scheduling of an architectural shoot.

In pricing architectural photography projects, our highest desire and goal is to please our clients with impeccable work. We guarantee the expectation of our clients regardless of the budget and size of the job.

There are times when architectural shots are only a small portion of an overall assignment. Pricing for this type of photography can be reflected as a line item within the entire budget.