Fashion & Portrait

At Jordan Fink Photography, our fashion photography is geared towards the ever changing world of the high fashion photography industry. In keeping up with the latest trends in fashion photography, we can offer a wide range of possibilities for you. No matter what style you are looking for, we do our best to deliver beautiful fashion photography that has an eye-catching flare of creativity and visual empathy.

Whether indoors or outdoors, a studio look to create a personal environment or on location for a particular style or to enhance a more natural and relaxed atmosphere, we¹ve done it all.
No matter what type of fashion photography that you are looking for, Jordan Fink Photography consistently delivers excellent results.

At Jordan Fink Photography, we specialize in professional head shots and studio or location portrait photography. We can shoot your portrait photography in a studio for that “controlled lighting” traditional look or we can shoot on location, with studio lighting, to create images that reflect your own personality.

We offer outdoor portrait photography as well.  Outdoor professional head shots and outdoor portrait photography is utilized when you want to convey a more relaxed and natural look. Outdoor portrait photography can be a fitting compliment to indoor or studio photography for models and business persons to show varied lifestyles.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to portrait or headshot photography,  Jordan Fink Photography delivers with beautiful and creative images capturing the “real” you whether your needs are professional headshots, individual, couple, teen or family portraits.