Real Estate

Jordan Fink Photography has been shooting Real Estate Photography for over 30 years.  In the last three decades, we have received high accolades shooting for The Home Builder¹s Association, Beacham, Harry Norman, Keller Williams and Remax, just to site a few.

Our philosophy, at Jordan Fink Photography, is for potential Real Estate clients to consider buying listings BEFORE they visit them. Most Real Estate photography services leave potential clients wanting to visit the listing so they can see what the property REALLY looks like. Our Real Estate photography leaves the client with an intimate feeling of “belonging” to a listing BEFORE they visit the home.

From there, the sale is easy. Our vision and creative eye, together with years of experience places our Real Estate Photography in the forefront of all other photography in the industry.
We simply shoot photography that is more pleasing to the eye and photography that gives the listing the respect it deserves from a visual point of view.   When selling your next listing, don’t go with second rate photography,  Go First Class.

Visual tours can be an extremely effective method of creating lasting impressions when introducing your listings to perspective clients.  Starting with beautiful photography, Jordan Fink produces visual tours (Reveals) that convey the essence and character of the home while the viewer feels as though they were touring through the home.  The final video is beautiful and more tasteful than the normal “Virtual Tour” and can be totally tailored to your needs.

Jordan Fink Photography makes your real estate listing stand out from all the others.