Combining Images to Make One Final Image

Studio Photography by Jordan Fink Photography

Studio Photography by Jordan Fink Photography

When shooting an object in the studio, it can be a challenge to get the desired lighting on the subject as well as the background.  Generally this occurs when there are limitations of space or limitations of the lighting. Whatever the reason…when shooting objects on backgrounds, sometimes, the best way to go about getting the final product is to create 2 images and combine them, in Photoshop, to get the best results. 

Quite a few times, I have concentrated strictly on lighting the subject exactly how I want and combine that image with a generated background to it later.  The final image is one that appears complete and appears as though it was done completely in a studio.

This image is completed with that technique.  The subject was lit in the studio and the background was produced later in Photoshop to get the final image.

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