The most important person at your Wedding….The Photographer!

Selecting your Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Bride

When you have decide to tie the knot on a special day, make sure that you have chosen a qualified photographer to document your memorable day. One of the most important people you hire for your wedding is the photographer. The biggest mistake that most people make when choosing a wedding photographer is only looking at price. 

You want to make sure that you interview several photographers, review their website galleries of photography and past weddings, discuss with them your expectations and the type of photographs you are expecting.  Ask for references and ask if they have different packages based on their time they spend shooting.  If you do your homework and not just hire a photographer because he offers CHEAP prices you will be happy in the long run and have memories that will last a life time.

You have one opportunity to capture the moments in time that you don’t get back if you make the mistake of hiring a sloppy, unqualified, non-technical photographer, just because he is offing low price. With every click of the camera the photographer is capturing a priceless moment that you will cherish fondly for years to come.

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Senior Pictures….Memories for New Beginnings!

Senior Pictures by Jordan Fink Photography

Lasting Memories...New Beginnings!

Shooting meaningful images for Senior pictures is an art.  Being able to capture a young adults attitudes that reflect their youthful hopes and dreams can be a gratifying experience for any seasoned photographer.

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Featured Photographer for 11Alive

Jordan Fink Photography was the selected featured photographer for the 11Alive home page. Watch our corporate video that expresses our company image, services, and 40 plus years of experience.

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Personalized Portrait Session

Personal photography’s of yourself are great gifts for loved ones, boyfriends, or family members.  Schedule a session with Jordan at Jordan Fink Photography for a great photography that captures a beautiful moment of you.

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Where Do I Shoot?

When I have clients call me for  their personal photography, they generally are unsure of the location where they want their photos taken.

I have Real Estate agents that want their photos outside, landscapers that want their photos taken in their office and many others that just don’t understand where they should get their photos shot.

My first question to them is, “what kind of photos are you looking for?”  Sounds simple enough.  You would think that I have hit many people “Broadside” with that statement. Once I listen to them to discover the actual usage and  the message that they would like to convey, I realize that they just haven’t wrapped their minds around the final product.


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