Real Estate Photography – Part 1

Most people that shoot with digital cameras, really aren’t what I would call “professionals”. By definition, a “professional” is one that shoots photography for money…most likely, for their livelihood. Most people that shoot digital images are amateurs that USE a digital camera. There is a difference. Although I have seen some really nice photographs shot by simple digital cameras, for the most part, I believe that, as a “professional” no original digital image is perfect.

When I pull a digital image into Photoshop (my favorite), there is always…and I mean ALWAYS some adjustment that needs to be made to make that image…perfect. At least, to print standards…I don’t know if you can ever get an image…”perfect”. “Perfect” is an extremely subjective topic which will probably be spoken of at a later date. Let’s say for this conversation, “Perfect” means the best that “that” image can be within the constraints of the medium, Photoshop and personal taste.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with Real Estate Photography. The reality is…if you don’t have some kind of editing software…you probably will never get the kind of Real Estate photographs that will be “above the rest”. The “cream of the crop”. Everybody can take pictures of rooms….it takes careful considerations to deliver top notch photography to Real Estate clients that sell listings….or at least, to stand above the rest.

Believe me, there are plenty of photographers ready to take their clients money with 360 degree images, and other “virtual” slide shows, but most photographers will not make their client’s clients want to live in a house BEFORE they see it. At this point, I should explain a philosophy of mine. I believe that clients are sold on houses before they ever see the house in person. This is done with alluring photography.

People have to want to experience a house regardless of the exterior. They want inside! They have already fallen in love with the house because of the emotional response that has emerged from the images that they have already seen. People have a sense of this…they KNOW when a house is right for them. But, as a photographer, you have to convey this feeling to them in the photography.

The conveying of that comes with many factors…the photography and the post editing of the image. They MUST go hand in hand. Now, getting back to the beginning of all of this, you must have vision, to shoot intimate images and to nurture those images through your post editing software. Together, you can create a whole new image that transcends the original situation. In future blogs, I will be discussing some of the fine points that, as one who “wants to be” a successful Real Estate photographer, needs to take into consideration.