The Magic, Floating Leaf…an anti-gravity vortex?

The Magic Floating Leaf

The Magic Floating anti-gravity vortex?

I came upon a magic, floating leaf in the woods!  It seemed to float there motionless.  It looked as though it was floating in an anti-gravitational vortex of some kind.  I started pondering on the unseen forces that was at work behind the obvious, standing reality.  A myriad of possibilities flowed through my mind of so many wondrous and miraculous theories.  It was obviously something positioned there for my eyes only.  A message from God…to me!  What does it mean?

I thought to myself….do I want to unvail this phenomenon by seeking for spider webs for the support of such a vision?   I decided not to. Why negate a wondrous moment.  Why not let it remain a wonder!

It still reminds me of the miraculous possibilities whenever I feel like pulling the images out of my “bag of wonders”.  It’s the little things that add amazment and joy to my life…We can never have enough of that…JOY!